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Relationship breakdowns are always emotionally difficult and they can be particularly hard when your assets and children are involved.

As you and your former partner move in different directions, it’s vital to come to an amicable settlement on finances and the future of any children. Our team of family and divorce solicitors is experienced in helping with all aspects of a relationship breakdown, whether it’s been a marriage, cohabitation, or civil partnership. Our specialist divorce lawyers can help you with:

  • Financial and property matters
  • Issues surrounding children
  • Problems resulting from domestic abuse and violence

Our separation lawyers have an excellent track record in resolving disputes, whether it’s through mediation or in the courts. We understand that the breakup of a relationship can be one of life's greatest traumas, so we'll treat you as a human being – not a case.

We’ll give you all the time and help you need to gain a positive outcome from what is often a fraught situation.

For more information about what mediation is, the benefits of mediation, and how it works, click here.


Things to think about when separating from a partner

If you separate from your partner then there are so many things to consider.  Here are some of the things we would suggest you think about:

  • Where will you live?  If you own a home together then you will both remain liable for the mortgage until the property is sold or one of you buy the other out.  If you rent then you will both be liable for rent payments until a change in the tenancy agreement is made.
  • If you have children then you will need to agree where they will live and how often they will see the other parent.  This will be a difficult time for them too so try to avoid arguing about this in front of them.
  • Can you afford to live alone and pay all your bills?  If not then you will need to look into any possible benefits you might be entitled to some government benefits
  • If you are living in the UK as part of your partners visa then you will need to check how a break up will affect your residential status. 
  • How will you divide your belongings and finances? 
  • If at any point you feel threatened by your partner then seek help. Clicking on these links will take you to those who may be able to offer support.  Refuge, Mens Advice Line, Women's Aid  
  • Don’t agree to anything until you are ready to do so.
  • If you have been married for more than one year then you can apply for a divorce or to dissolve a civil partnership.
  • Remain calm and try to make decisions based on facts not emotions.
  • If you need help having these conversations then a mediator can help. You may be required to have tried this option if you do need to go to court later.
  • If you have children, you will need to consider arrangements for child support
  • You do not need to go to court to separate but if you do need legal advice then you can contact one of our family team for advice.  Remember you both can’t use the same legal firm so getting in touch with one first will mean your partner can’t use the same one.

Remember - Do things at your own pace and don’t feel pressured into making any decisions that aren't right for you.

Get in touch today to speak to one of our specialist divorce and cohabitation solicitors on 01329 822 333.

If you find this difficult time hard to cope with and need some support there are lots of places you can go for help, here is just one.  Ok Rehab can offer specialist help for all types of problems.


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