Why we welcome a ‘no-fault divorce’ law at Churchers Solicitors

Today I read a news article about divorce which for once made me smile. Not because the thought of marriages breaking down makes me happy but because we firmly believe that divorce law has been outdated for far too long.

For decades people have been stuck in an unhappy marriage or have resorted to playing the ‘blame game’. In my mind neither of these options is healthy for anyone involved - especially when there are children in the marital relationship.

Under current law a married person would either need grounds (adultery, desertion for more than two years or unreasonable behaviour) to make a legal break from their marital partner; wait until they have been living apart for two years with consent of the other party; or they would need to wait a whopping five years to get a divorce without consent.

We have seen many unhappy people come through our doors who are either in a bad place and unable to make that legal break or have ended up in a bitter fight to get their ‘ex’ to take the blame so a divorce can be granted.

Both of these situations are extremely stressful and play havoc on the emotional wellbeing of all parties involved.

There will always be ‘reasons’ for divorce to be granted but surely one of those reasons should be as simple as the happiness of the people involved and not the ‘fault’ of any one individual.

The justice secretary, David Gauke, has said he will bring in legislation in the next session of Parliament meaning no-blame divorce will become an option for married couples.

Bravo Mr Gauke from this team of solicitors who look forward to welcoming a peaceful divorce option for couples who have simply fallen out of love!

Will Donnelly


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