New driving laws for 2019

As we move into 2019, there are a raft of new motoring laws being enacted and a number of existing laws for which enforcement is being focused upon. Partner, Hannah Jones, highlights some of the proposals and changes to ensure your driving experience is as smooth as possible over the coming months,. Here are a few items to be aware of.

Learner drivers on motorways

People learning to drive will be able to drive on motorways from the beginning of 2019; albeit that this is only allowed if a qualified instructor is supervising the learner. However, this is only optional and it isn't compulsory for learners to have lessons on motorway driving.

Smart motorways

Drivers on smart motorways cannot drive through a red X sign; that is, they cannot continue to drive in a lane - even if it is clear - if the overhead gantry is showing a red X sign over the lane.  Drivers doing this can be fined £100. It is likely that roadside cameras will be modified to record people making this infraction.


Drivers who don’t leave enough room when overtaking cyclists can now be fined £100. According to the Highway Code, you must leave adequate room between the car and the cyclist, which is about 1.5 metres or a door’s width. The Highway Code also permits cyclists to ride (not more than) two abreast.

Newly qualified drivers

No new rules have yet been introduced but tougher restrictions on new drivers are being considered. At present there are no specific restrictions imposed on new drivers although if their driving licence is endorsed with six penalty points or more within the first two years of passing the driving test they will be required to retake a test. Actual restrictions are, however, actively being considered for new drivers; including a nighttime driving curfew, restrictions on carrying passengers and restrictions on the engine size/power output of the cars they drive.

If you would like assistance in relation to a driving offence, call Hannah on 02392 820747 for further information.





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