Can I take my child on a summer holiday if I am divorced or separated?

As we come out of lockdown and the pandemic eases, newly-divorced parents are advised to take extra care when taking their children abroad on summer holidays. Partner, William Donnelly ,said “Separated parents, who may have had difficulty in seeing their children during the pandemic, will naturally be keen to spend as much time with them as possible once the restrictions are lifted. However, parents could face criminal prosecution if they do not return children promptly to their legal homes after the holidays”.

New figures reveal that the number of parental child abduction cases dealt with by the Foreign Office has risen by 88% in just under a decade and that many of these cases result from a child not being returned to the custodial parent after the summer break.

Daisy Organ, head of the Foreign Office Child Abduction Section said: "The increase in parental child abduction cases is a major cause for concern, particularly in the lead up to the school holidays; we know that before or during school holidays is one of the most common times for a child to be abducted. We hope that this campaign will help inform and educate the UK public and encourage parents thinking of abducting their child to think twice before they cause significant distress to themselves and their family."

William comments “It’s easy to make a genuine mistake in the early stages of a separation that can have wide-ranging consequences. Communication, and abiding be agreements, is key” If you would like assistance in any divorce or child contact matter, call William Donnelly on 02392 603 400 for further information.



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