First Timers Month at Churchers

Visiting a solicitor for the first time can be quite daunting or exciting, depending on the advice or service you require. Throughout March, we will be offering top tips on various situations, these will include going through a break up, buying or selling a house, or writing a Will for the first time.

Our first area will be covered with ‘Making a Will for the First Time’.

Emily Barclay and Emily Manley are behind the campaign, initially recognising that young people do not realise the importance of writing a Will.

Older generations often have the support and financial means to have a professional Will prepared; whereas, the younger generations don’t see a Will as a priority. Some don't deem it important at all. As a young mum herself, Emily Barclay wanted to raise awareness of how important it is to legally protect her family.

Emily Manley says “when you think of a Will, you usually think of an older person considering who their possessions will go to when they die. We wanted to challenge this association and remind young people and first time parents that there is no better time to sort out a Will – when a little person depends on you!”.

“First time parents often don’t have much disposable income and we wanted to offer a service where we can help new parents in our community and show them the value in a professional solicitor’s Will’ says Emily Barclay.

“A lot of people think they can cut corners and get a cheap Will online - what they don’t know is they often aren’t water-tight and don’t stand up to scrutiny, if contested. Wills require expertise to ensure they are reliable - we want our community to be able to afford that expert service and have peace of mind that their families are protected” Emily added.

If you want more information or advice on Wills, Emily Manley can

be contacted at or Emily Barclay at , alternatively phone 02392 551 500.

If you wish to visit them at one of the drop in sessions where they will be offering free expert advice as well as handing out discount vouchers to have a professional Will written, they can be found at;

  • Discovery Centre, High St, Gosport PO12 1BT on Tuesday 10th March - 10am-11am
  • Crofton Community Centre, Stubbington Lane, Fareham PO14 2PP on Tuesday 24th March - 9.45am -11.45am

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