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Sixty seconds with Faye Evans

At Churchers, we believe the people behind the company are what makes us so successful. We want you to meet the faces behind the name! Check out our 60 seconds with Faye Evans!

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Increase In Speeding Fines

The UK’s Sentencing Council, which sets the guideline for the fines or other penalties handed out by magistrates courts, has increased the maximum fine for the most serious speeding offences.

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Ignorance As A Defence In Law

How many times have we seen and heard that according to the law “Ignorance is no excuse”? Whether it be the Highway Code or tripping up on some obscure by-law, you’re guilty anyway. Well, says Hannah Jones: “There are in fact circumstances where ignorance is a perfectly valid defence. Take the recent case of Vestergaard Frandsen SA v Bestnet Europe.”

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Amendments to probate court fees confirmed

Despite overwhelming objections, the government has decided to proceed with proposed changes to the way in which probate court fees are calculated, as from May 2017.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney – What is it all about?

Lasting Powers of Attorney (‘LPAs’) – you may have heard of them, you may not; what are they and do you need one?

If you have ever tried to deal with a bank, insurance company, even internet provider on someone else’s behalf you will know how difficult it is nowadays to get anything done.

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Court departs from the ‘sharing principle’ in a divorce settlement

In a recent ruling, in June of this year, the courts followed an increasing trend for financial settlements of divorcing couples to reflect more accurately the contributions that each partner made to the marriage.

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