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Special Contributions to a Marriage

Over the years many divorcing clients have raised the issue of their contribution to the marriage seeking a greater share of the ‘matrimonial pot’ because of their greater contribution.

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Has The Lord Chancellor Acted Beyond Her Authority?

A parliamentary committee has dealt a blow to the government’s plan to overhaul probate fees, saying the Lord Chancellor could be overstepping her authority by introducing a fee structure which bear the hallmark of a tax on probate estates.

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New Bail Arrangements

Historically suspects have often been placed on bail whilst the police continue to investigate allegations, which can last for months of even years without charge. In some circumstances conditions have been imposed restricting liberty, adding to the emotional and mental stress of the situation.

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Employees Negligence Can Amount To Gross Misconduct

The Court of Appeal recently ruled that a senior manager’s negligence in failing to ensure that a colleague followed company policy could amount to gross misconduct justifying the manager’s summary dismissal.

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Increase In Speeding Fines

The UK’s Sentencing Council, which sets the guideline for the fines or other penalties handed out by magistrates courts, has increased the maximum fine for the most serious speeding offences.

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Wills Executed In Error Cannot Be Rectified By High Court

In an unfortunate recent case, the High Court concluded it couldn’t use the Administration of Justice Act 1982 to correct an obvious error made in executing a will. Under that Act a “clerical error” can be corrected. Mary Hazlewood says: "A very unusual case, with lessons for all to think about.”

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